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It’s holiday time! Protect your back

So with summer holidays almost upon us you are probably getting excited about the sunshine and sandy beaches. But have you taken time to consider your back?  Back pain can really ruin a holiday so make sure you protect your back. Here are some hints and A from Alison Eaves, chiropractor in Leeds, to help […]

Top 5 Tennis Injuries

It is Wimbledon fortnight and the whole of the country goes tennis mad for 2 weeks so we thought we’d jump on the tennis bandwagon. Here is a list of the top 5 tennis injuries. Most people think of tennis elbow as the top tennis sporting injury but this is not true says Alison Eaves […]

Weak Hip Stabilisers in Runners

Running injuries part 2 – weak hip stabilisers Weak hip stabilisers in runners are one of the most common causes of injury in runners. Are there any Leeds Half Marathon runners out there? Maybe you ran at the weekend and enjoyed your half marathon experience so much that you are now looking to try and […]

Running Injuries Part 1

Following on from last weekend’s London Marathon, it seems a great time to discuss some of the most common running injuries and how low back pain can occur in runners. So look out for the next series of articles and blog posts from Revive Chiropractic all about running injuries and back pain in runners. We […]

Chiropractic fitness for 2016

Chiropractic fitness is concept raised by Alison Eaves, a chiropractor in Leeds. Alison is on hand to offer advice to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness in 2016. For many people, the New Year brings promises of becoming healthier and exercising more. So what is chiropractic fitness and how can visiting a chiropractor help […]

Tips For Avoiding Back Pain On Holiday

Helpful tips for avoiding back pain when you go on your holidays. Revive Chiropractic chiropractors in Leeds share some tips. You’ve been looking forward to your holiday for ages. Months of long hours and working hard and then when it finally comes around you are faced with back pain. We get lots of calls to […]

Changes To Clinic Hours

It has been a very busy start to the New Year here at Revive Chiropractic in north Leeds. The blog has been seriously neglected as I’ve been a busy chiropractor helping lots of patients but I’ve a few minutes spare today and thought it would be good to update you on a few things.

Changes to clinic hours

I […]

Online Booking Now Available

The alert amongst you may have noticed a recent change to your appointment confirmation and appointment reminders.

You now have the option to cancel and re-schedule your appointment online should the need arise. You can do this via a link on the appointment confirmation/appointment reminder e-mail or SMS. Just click on the […]