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Update on the Chester Marathon from our Chiropractor

Life has been busy here at Revive Chiropractic these past few months. There has been precious little time for writing the blog, hence the lack of any posts for a little while. One of the reasons it has been so busy is the sheer number of patients coming into the clinic, many of whom are referrals from our existing patients’ so thank […]

Good Posture Matters

We know we should maintain good posture to help prevent back and neck pain. But do you know why posture is so important? Our Leeds Chiropractor explains.

Most people are sedentary in their jobs and this article will focus on maintaining good seated posture. Take a look at the picture below, on the left is the posture most of […]

Is housework causing you back pain?

Back pain is extremely common and it is the main reason people seek treatment from a chiropractor. So when I see surveys about people’s attitude to back pain I take interest. Last week I came across a survey from backpainhelp.com where they asked over 2000 people who suffered from back pain what activities they were prohibited from […]

A Tough Run at the Milton Keynes Marathon

I’ve been building up to the Milton Keynes Marathon since the end of January and finally race day arrived. Having spent the past three months trying to combine two and three hour runs with a busy life as a chiropractor I was looking forward to race day and then a well-deserved rest.

Bank Holiday Monday started with a […]