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Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy (2)

Changes in pregnancy may affect the body in a number of ways. Some of these changes are a direct result of the mechanical changes of the developing foetus and others are more general affecting the arms and legs. Fluid retention and weight gain during pregnancy may predispose women to muscle cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome (pain, pins […]

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy (1)

Chiropractors have long been treating ladies during pregnancy for pelvic and low back pain and often continue to treat both mother and baby post-partum. I’ve been swotting up on treatment aimed at pregnant ladies and babies and I recently spent a weekend in Pocklington attending a seminar given by chiropractor Elizabeth Davidson. […]

Less pills, more prevention

Chiropractors have long been asking patients about their lifestyle. This is because we recognise that pain is a multi-faceted entity and every patient has unique factors that influence their recovery from injury. Any new patient consultation involves questioning the patient about diet, exercise habits, alcohol intake and smoking […]

Hamstring Injuries : What treatments work?

Ask someone you know if they have ever pulled a hamstring and the chances are they will have experienced it, that’s how common hamstring injuries are. So what is the treatment? Well a wide variety of treatments are used and new treatments are being developed all the time.

As a chiropractor I will often manipulate the […]

**New Year Offer: £20.12 in 2012**

The Deal

I know it is January and finances may be a bit stretched but give your back and your wallet a break and book in for a new patient consultation for only £20 (usually £45). Tell your friends, colleagues and even random strangers! Everyone is welcome but hurry as the offer is only available to […]

Revive Chiropractic in the News!!!

Spinal manipulation was more effective than medication at improving neck pain by the end of 12 weeks of treatment and 1 year later. However, participants who did home exercises experienced improvement in their pain similar to that achieved with spinal manipulation. Participants who received spinal manipulation were more satisfied with […]

Don’t let back pain ruin your Christmas

So you might be thinking why don’t I just do the exercises if it gets the same results? Great if you will religiously stick to the exercises? But we know that people don’t take care of themselves. Most people want the easy option. We are too busy, lazy, preoccupied with modern living (delete as appropriate) to find the time to […]