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NHS diabetes care failing

It is with great interest that I saw a headline flash up on the BBC website today stating that “24,000 diabetes deaths a year could be avoided” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-16147731.

"Many of these deaths could be prevented," said Dr Bob Young, diabetologist and spokesman for the National Diabetes […]

Core Stability for Athletes

What’s it all about?

Strengthening the entire body is vital if you want to obtain maximum performance. The core stabilising musculature links the spine, pelvis and shoulders and lies deep in the abdomen. Coordination between all three areas is vital to enable efficient arm and leg movements. Core […]

Painkillers "increase risk of heart disease"

As a chiropractor in Leeds, many of my patients will come and see me with back pain or neck pain or other joint pain. Many of these chiropractic patients will also be currently taking or have previously taken anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatory drugs are used by millions of people to treat pain and inflammation […]

Is surgery better than exercises?

A study published this month (well a few months ago as I’m updating the blog) in the British Medical Journal looked at whether surgery with disc prosthesis (disc replacement) was more effective than rehabilitation. At 2 year follow up patients improved more after surgery than rehabilitation but both groups improved overall. However […]

Olympic Fever: Top Athletes Endorse Chiropractic

Not long to go now until the London 2012 Opening Ceremony and Olympics fever is starting to take over. Never mind the torch route through Leeds and West Yorkshire; did you know that former Olympians Brendan Foster and Steve Cram love chiropractic! It is possible that a person can have a mechanical dysfunction without being aware of […]

Are you in pain at work..?

Do you suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain or stress and tension? Try performing Brugger Breaks regularly throughout the day. Brugger breaks are an exercise proven to help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

Within our society, a very common postural syndrome may be found where a person’s head is drawn forward […]

Sitting for too long could actually kill you.

New research has found that sitting for too long can kill you! That is the startling fact reported in a Canadian Study published in the British Medical Journal this month. Sitting for long periods doubles the risk of developing blood clots that have the potential to travel to the lungs where they become lodged in blood vessels and cut […]

So you are a chiropractor…that’s feet isn’t it?

NO!!! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked “what can you do for my corns?” and other such feet related questions. There is a clear and marked difference between chiropractors and chiropody. Chiropody is for feet and quite different from chiropractic. That said, there are some things that the two professions […]