Back Pain Tip 6: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

Back pain first thing in the morning is a common complaint you hear as a chiropractor and if you regularly wake up sore and achy then maybe you need to look at how you are sleeping.

Leeds Chiropractor Alison Eaves has some advice to help you get a better night’s sleep. As you sleep you may be unwittingly putting additional strain on your low back that could be contributing to back pain. You can have the most expensive pillows and mattresses but if you sleep in the wrong position you are wasting your money! Poor sleeping position can lead to and exacerbate back pain.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, take our sleep test and find out which you are and what you can do to improve your sleep posture…

The Good : I sleep on my side in the foetal position

Excellent! Sleeping on your side in the foetal position with your knees bent is the best position for your back as it supports the spine. To improve things further pop a pillow between the knees to take the stress off the low back.

The Bad : I lie flat on my back

You are putting the spine into an unnatural position and putting additional load on the spine. You should sleep in the foetal position (on your side).

The Ugly – I’m A Front Sleeper

No, no, no!! Quite possibly the worst position you can choose to sleep in. It puts additional pressure on the joints, muscles and ligaments of the low back. You also end up twisting the neck and so you give yourself neck pain as well.

Another Ugly : I love pillows!!

Unless you are 6 foot 4 rugby players with huge broad shoulders you should only really be using one good quality, medium thickness pillow. This will support your head and neck in a neutral position. Too many pillows/one small, flat pillow and your neck will flex too far one way or the other.

You can also try some simple stretches before you go to bed and this should help you feel looser in the morning. Keep an eye on the blog for videos coming soon!

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