More Half Marathon Madness for Chiropractor in Leeds and a Personal Best

So what did you do with your weekend? Half marathon madness was what I did! I went down to Nottingham for the weekend to take part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon. What a great race to take part in.

After the wind and rain of the great North Run we were blessed with sunshine and clear blue skies. The course is mercifully flat and so lends itself to quick times and so I was very happy to smash my personal best with a time of 1 hour 53 minutes. Always good to see the training paying off and now I’m even more determined to keep up with the running and try and dip below 1 hour 50 in a race next year.

Stretching after running

Stretching after running is very very important for a quick and relatively pain free recovery following a race like a half marathon. I’m quite surprised that the legs don’t feel too sore after running, maybe because I did all the correct stretches after finishing the half marathon. I spent around 20 minutes stretching the legs, buttocks and back after the race. It is vital to do your stretches before getting back in the car to drive home or you will be incredibly stiff when you try and get out at the other end. Can you imagine what punishment the body suffers over 13.1 miles? You will get micro-tears in the muscle fibres from exertion and exhaustion and a large build up of toxic metabolites (waste products). These combine to give you the stiffness and muscle soreness that is associated with running distance events like the half marathon.

I think it is time for a rest though after the Great North Run, Wetherby 10K and this weekend’s half marathon. September has been busy! I shall have a relaxing week and maybe get an entry in for the Abbey Dash in November. Anybody else fancy joining me?!

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