Sports chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic – perform like a Brownlee

Calling all Leeds triathletes

The Brownlee brothers come to Leeds this weekend to compete on their home patch in the ITU World Series Event. If you are competing at the weekend then it is time to get excited! I hope you’ve done your open water swim preparation, fine-tuned the bike and practised your bike to run transitions. Whether you’ve spent a fortune on the latest kit in pursuit of super quick times, or just aim to finish, have you given a thought to your body? More specifically sports chiropractic and how it could help your triathlon performance.

What Sports Chiropractic can do for you

Here at Revive Chiropractic I treat lots of runners, cyclists and triathletes of all abilities. They all share two common goals – (1) to perform faster and (2) remain injury free. I will deal with the injury side of things first. This is a more obvious reason for seeing a chiropractor.

A patient may seek treatment for a specific injury such as back or neck pain, or perhaps a muscle strain. A simple plan can be put in place to treat the injury and guide the athlete back to full training. Some patients will then choose to leave care. Patients are happy that their injury has been resolved and they can return at any point in the future. Those who stay in care move to what we call maintenance care. The aim here is to prevent injury recurrence by working on stiff joints and tight muscles. Chiropractic treatment in the maintenance phase may be once a month to once every six months depending on the individual. The aim is to prevent stiff joints and tight muscles as they arise and before stiffness and tension can build up to the point that it starts to cause pain.

How does maintenance care play a part?

As part of ongoing maintenance care sports chiropractic comes into its own. Sports chiropractic aims to improve the function of joints in the spine and surrounding muscles. Put simply, joints that move freely and muscles maintained at optimum length will allow for optimum sports performance. A muscle that must contract more forcibly to move a stiff or restricted joint will mean the body expends extra energy. A muscle that is full of knots will not contract and work with the same efficiency as a muscle that is relaxed. A body that moves freely and easily will move fast!

Talk to our chiropractor Alison Eaves to find out how sports chiropractic could help. You can book online at or call 0113 347 2801. Revive Chiropractic has 2 locations in Leeds. Both our Adel and Scholes clinics offer appointments from 8am to 8pm.

sports massage for Leeds Half Marathon Runners

Sports Massage for Leeds Half Marathon Runners

Sports Massage for Leeds Half Marathon Runners

Congratulations to all of the runners who completed the Leeds Half Marathon at the weekend. How are the legs feeling today?! As a reward for all your hard efforts why not treat yourself to a recovery sports massage for all Leeds Half Marathon Runners at Revive Chiropractic?

Sports massage is known to aid the recovery process of tired and aching muscles, working in several different ways. Massage to tired legs will stimulate blood flow to the muscles and so bring anti-inflammatory chemicals to the muscles and remove the toxic build-up of chemicals from running. Sports massage will also break down any adhesions or ‘knots’ in the muscles and stretch the muscles to restore them to their optimum length. If you want to recover more quickly from hard races and hard training sessions then it is definitely worth considering sports massage as part of your training plans

In fact regular sports massage can be a very effective tool in reducing day to day aches and pains that come with regular running and help to prevent injury. A regular sports massage about every six weeks is a good starting point for most people but some people may require massage more or less frequently than this.

Any bookings made up until Saturday 14th May will be eligible for a £10 reduction in the cost of sports massage. A 30 minute sports massage will cost just £20 and 60 minutes just £40. To redeem this offer just mention ‘Leeds Half’ when you come to pay. Revive Chiropractic is a chiropractic and sports massage clinic in north Leeds run by runners for runners. We talk running. Go online to book an appointment at or call 0113 347 2801. We have sports massage appointments available Monday to Friday 8am-7pm.

Update on the Chester Marathon from our Chiropractor

Life has been busy here at Revive Chiropractic these past few months. There has been precious little time for writing the blog, hence the lack of any posts for a little while. One of the reasons it has been so busy is the sheer number of patients coming into the clinic, many of whom are referrals from our existing patients’ so thank you. I really appreciate each and every person you send my way and it is great to help your family members, work colleagues or even those who you just got chatting to down the pub (I really have had referrals this way!). Diagnosing people’s aches and pains and setting them on the road to recovery is why I do the job so thanks for choosing Revive Chiropractic.

Anyone how has been in to see me over the past few months will probably have heard me talking about my latest marathon efforts. Apologies to anyone who is thoroughly bored by all this but for anyone interested, I completed the Chester Marathon just over a week ago in 3 hours 51 minutes. I promised that if I achieved my goal of sub 4 hours then I would hang up the running shoes and opt for some shorter distances although now I’m not too and the 3 hours 45 minutes barrier looms. If anyone has any suggestions of any great races or challenges for the new year then I’m keen to hear them.

A Tough Run at the Milton Keynes Marathon

I’ve been building up to the Milton Keynes Marathon since the end of January and finally race day arrived. Having spent the past three months trying to combine two and three hour runs with a busy life as a chiropractor I was looking forward to race day and then a well-deserved rest.

Bank Holiday Monday started with a 6.30am alarm clock, a hearty breakfast of porridge and then a short drive down to Milton Keynes. The sun was shining and it was warm, warmer than I’d hoped. I nervously stood on the start line knowing that the next few hours would bring a combination of pain and hopefully a sense of achievement. The race itself started gently enough winding through what apparently constitutes the centre of Milton Keynes. There were a few undulations but it was pleasant enough if not a little dull running through the city and there was a reasonable amount of support. After about 8 miles the course headed out on to open dual carriageway and you began to feel the effect of the sun beating overhead. I started looking forward to the water stops an opportunity not just to take a drink but also to try and cool down.

Unfortunately as the marathon and half marathon groups split just before halfway I started to feel not quite as fresh and between 13 to 16 miles the pace got harder to maintain. Beyond 16 miles I knew that I was slowing quite dramatically ad that the body had given up and I spent the last 10 miles in a mental battle to keep the legs moving. Everybody says respect the marathon and certainly it can catch you unaware and suddenly have the entire body aching at every step. Beyond 16 miles the course had a few more cruel twists and turns in the form of many underpasses. Instead of running along the dual carriageway you run on some of the cities pedestrian walkways. Unfortunately this means multiple short, sharp inclines and descents as you pass the many roundabouts that Milton Keynes is so famous for and this was absolutely brutal on already tired legs. I can’t say I remember too much of the latter part of the race other than the final couple of miles towards the finish and the relief at crossing the line and the pain being over.

I eventually finished in a time of 4 hour 9 minutes and 2 seconds and felt devastated. However this was a personal best and so I suppose I should be proud of my effort. I beat my time from the London Marathon four years ago and on a much tougher course without the crowd going crazy in support of the runners. A few hours of nausea followed and then the realisation that I’d omitted sun cream on my neck and shoulders and my poor pale white skin was akin to roast beef. A lesson for next time! Will I return to Milton Keynes for another marathon? Absolutely not; but I will be back to do a sub 4 hour marathon I’m sure of it!

Milton Keynes Marathon 4 days to go!! Chiropractor Alison runs the Milton Keynes Marathon

Our Chiropractor Alison is running the Milton Keynes Marathon on Monday 6th May.

Marathon day is almost here! After all my chat it’s time for action and for me to drag myself around the 26.2 mile Milton Keynes Marathon. The event takes place on Bank Holiday Monday and as well as the full marathon there is also a half marathon taking place meaning around 5,000 runners will be participating

I’ve yet to pack my kit bag for the weekend but I’ve already ordered my carbohydrate heavy pasta meal at my parents on Sunday night. The 4 hour pace band is prepared (and a 4 hour 10 in case I’m a bit slower) so fingers crossed I can break the 4 hours.

I will let you know how I get on!

Milton Keynes Marathon For Our Chiropractor

Just under four years ago some of you may recall that I ran the London Marathon. Enough time has passed since then for the scars to heal, toenails to regenerate and for me to build up suitable motivation to enter another marathon. So on Monday 5th May whilst everyone is enjoying a fabulous bank holiday Monday I will be running around the delights of the Milton Keynes Marathon, all 26.2 miles of it. Who knew there were so many sights in Milton Keynes?

Okay so it might not be London, or New York, or even Edinburgh but it is a challenge nonetheless. Comments of “how many times around the roundabouts do you have to go” and “at least you can pass the boredom by counting roundabouts” have meant I’ve not had a look at the course but I believe it to be mostly flat and so hopefully I can beat my previous marathon best of 4 hours and 10 minutes.

I’d be lying if I said that the training had all gone smoothly, holidays and weekends away have played havoc with the schedule. This weekend I have to fit in an 18 mile run amidst a hen weekend but I’m convinced it is achievable! So far I am up to 15 miles and am on course to being ready for race day. I will keep you posted!