Changes To Clinic Hours


It has been a very busy start to the New Year here at Revive Chiropractic in North Leeds. The blog has been seriously neglected as I’ve been a busy chiropractor helping lots of patients but I’ve a few minutes spare today and thought it would be good to update you on a few things.

Changes to clinic hours

I changed my clinic hours back at the start of February and am now available at the following times:

Mon 12pm-6.30pm, Weds 8am-1pm, Thurs 12pm-7pm, Saturdays by appointment

This has allowed me to still offer early morning and late night chiropractic appointments but not be working 12 hour days. Feedback so far is that everyone is very happy with the arrangement but do let me know your thoughts. (Just in case anyone is thinking I’m lucky enough to have just a 3 day week then I’m working in another clinic in Wetherby on Tuesdays and Fridays!).

Remember we offer sports massage as well as chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment is great but it is not necessarily what everybody wants and so we have been offering sports massage alongside chiropractic treatment here at the clinic for over a year now. Sports massage is another great way to keep the body healthy and relaxed. Maybe you are considering sports massage yourself? Or maybe a friend, relative or colleague may benefit?

Sports massage can benefit the body in many ways

Sports massage can help maintain the body in generally better condition, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, help heal damaged tissue, help restore movement to damaged tissue and boost sporting performance.

Book a sports massage today

Sports massage sessions are available for either 30 minutes or 50 minutes. We would recommend the longer session if it is your first session as some time is required to take a brief case history before the massage begins. You can call 0113 347 2801 to book your session.


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