Chiropractic fitness for 2016

Chiropractic fitness is concept raised by Alison Eaves, a chiropractor in Leeds. Alison is on hand to offer advice to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness in 2016. For many people, the New Year brings promises of becoming healthier and exercising more. So what is chiropractic fitness and how can visiting a chiropractor help before you dig out the running shoes or rediscover the long lost gym membership card?

A chiropractor will be able to help with any pre-existing injuries or stiffness and be able to look at your movement and suggest ways of improving it. This is because ultimately it is free and easy movement of the joints, muscles and ligaments that leads to full and pain free movement. So this is chiropractic fitness.

If you begin a new exercise regime and you are carrying an injury then you will likely make that injury worse. Sometimes even if it is just tight neck and shoulders that you notice from time to time when sat in the office then this can be exacerbated by the new exercise regime. This is because our bodies are particularly susceptible to changes in habits. So going from being sedentary to the gym even a few times a week can send shock waves through the body.

Visiting a chiropractor will include a full assessment of the body and highlight any stiffness, muscles tightness or muscle weakness. The chiropractor can make numerous suggestions as to what exercises may be beneficial and also the type of exercise you should be undertaking and how often and at what intensity etc. This advice is given alongside any hands on manual therapy or chiropractic manipulation as in my opinion both aspects are important in maintaining a healthy and well-functioning body.

Even if you have no pain you may still benefit from visiting a chiropractor as they will likely find areas that can be improved and decrease the likelihood of pain developing in the future. Chiropractic fitness really is for everyone.

Alison can be contacted at the North Leeds Clinic on 0113 3472801 or the East Leeds Clinic on 0113 347 0024. Appointments with the chiropractor are available Monday to Friday 8am-7pm and on Saturdays by appointment.

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