Chiropractor in Leeds Runs Wetherby 10K and Suffers Unusual Heel Pain

What a great weekend! I went into the Leeds clinic for a few emergency chiropractor appointments on Saturday morning, caught up with family on Saturday afternoon and then ran the Wetherby 10K on Sunday. One slight problem…with just a week to go until the Great North Run I’m having a bit of heel pain.

There is some irony in a chiropractor suffering from any type of joint pain but when you have just written blog entries discussing the causes of heel pain it is even worse. If you are a regular follower of the blog for Revive Chiropractic then you may recall a couple of posts about heel pain. Just in case you missed them here are the links (you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser)

Following the 10K I felt some pain on the inside of my heel and it hurt to walk. So I poked my plantar fascia, no pain beyond the usual tightness I’d expect after a race. I checked the achilles tendon and this was not inflamed but when I rubbed a particular spot on the inside of my heel it really hurt. So I took off my sock for closer inspection and found that the painful spot was the exact same point where I had dropped the shampoo bottle on my foot in the shower that morning! There was a little red mark and a small bruise from the impact. Bizarre injury! I have obviously inflamed it a little by racing so I’ve had the ice on it. I’m actually quite relieved that it is nothing more than a bit of local irritation so it should settle fairly quickly with regular icing.

Leeds Chiropractor Alison Eaves can diagnose your cause of heel pain or any other running related injuries. For an appointment call 07828 686026 or visit

And for those interested I completed the course in 50.31. A couple of minutes outside my previous best but quite happy considering I’d been suffering with a cold all last week (good excuse!).

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