Core Stability for Athletes

What’s it all about?

Strengthening the entire body is vital if you want to obtain maximum performance. The core stabilising musculature links the spine, pelvis and shoulders and lies deep in the abdomen. Coordination between all three areas is vital to enable efficient arm and leg movements. Core stability is vital for running because it allows you to control the position and movement of the central portion of your body and your limbs. It also assists in maintaining good posture and balance.

Good core stability will maximise running performance and also help reduce or even prevent injuries. The aim is to maintain optimum forces and pressure through all aspects of the kinematic chain i.e. efficient running style form head to toe. A strong core will help control the power generated by your body to your limbs allowing smooth and controlled movements. It is especially important to work on your core at the end of a training session when leg and abdominal muscles may be fatigued. Maintaining good posture and running form when tired can really help improve performance because it keeps your running style efficient so you conserve energy.

Not an athlete?

It doesn’t matter! Everybody needs good core stability and you just start with the basics. There will be a series of articles on core stability coming up.

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