Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Exercises for lower back pain are a great way to help low back pain. It doesn’t matter how long you have had back pain for, most people will benefit from doing regular exercises. For most patients who visit a chiropractor exercises for lower back pain will form a key part of the treatment plan.

Why do exercises for lower back pain?

Exercises will prevent the back from becoming too stiff and immobile in the short term and then over time exercises will build strength in the lower back muscles and just as importantly stability. It is the combination of mobility, strength and stability that is key to improving and getting rid of lower back pain.

What exercises should I do?

1) Start of with something like the Cat-Camel exercise. Complete 10 repetitions.

2) You can then build to the quadruped. Complete 10 repetitions on each leg but keep on alternating sides.

These are great to get you started.

What if doing the exercises hurts?

This can be a real problem if you are suffering from lower back pain because it will often hurt to move and change position, patients think that the best thing to do is to rest and do nothing. In most cases resting will simply prolong your back pain and make it worse and you are better to try and keep moving about, albeit just gentle pottering.  As long as you are only experiencing mild discomfort and the discomfort does not last for more than 10-15 minutes after doing the exercises then carry on. If you are in any doubt regarding how to do these exercises for lower back pain then consult a professional back pain specialist such as a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist for advice.

You can book an appointment with our chiropractor Alison Eaves at either the North Leeds or East Leeds Clinics. To book please call 0113 347 2801 or see the contact information at the top of the page.


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