Great North Run Training Update – August

Less than 6 weeks to go until race day for Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves.

I’m well into the training now having reached the halfway point of my 10 week half-marathon training schedule. Training is going well; I’m getting further and faster and so far have run up to 8.5 miles. Some of you may realise that this is still almost 5 miles short of the required 13.1 miles required for the half-marathon distance of the Great North Run. But don’t panic, I shall be running 10 miles this weekend and 12 miles in a couple of weeks to make sure I’m ready.

I even went out running on Sunday whilst at home in Birmingham where the weather was atrocious! You can see from the photo how soggy and sorry for ourselves we were on our return after an hour and a half of running in the torrential rain.

Busy weekends consisting of weddings and trips to see family have eaten into training time somewhat and curtailed some training sessions but I’m broadly on track. I have completed the majority of my 3 sessions a week, which is more than can be said for my running partner. I’d been hoping for a sub 2-hour (and hopefully sub 1:55) time but I think I’m going to do the honourable thing and run the race alongside my other half who I think will be a bit closer to the 2 hour 10 mark. I’m determined not to waste all the hard training though and am looking to enter the Cardiff Half Marathon on the 6th October 2013. The Cardiff Half Marathon has become the second largest half-marathon in the UK so another great event to look forward to being a part of and hopefully will bring a personal best performance.

All this running is starting to make the body ache a bit. I have been having regular chiropractic treatment from a colleague for all my running injuries and niggles. I have never been as stiff and achy since I started this training program and they say exercise is good for you?! Look out for the next blog when we discuss what food you should be eating to make you run fast.

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