Half term back pain?

Are you suffering from half term back pain? This blog post will offer help and advice to help you enjoy your half term without any annoying, nagging back pain.

This week is half term and many of you will be spending extra time at home with your children. Or maybe you are grandparents who are willingly helping outwith your grandchildren. Either way I know that on Monday morning the phone will ring with patients telling me they have back pain that started over the holidays.

So why is back pain such a problem at holiday time?

Our bodies and our back’s in particular like routine. So when we do something out of the ordinary such as spending more time with young children then our back’s tend to grumble. We also do more of the things that we know aggravate back pain like bending and twisting. Grandparents especially may find that they are spending additional hours bending over playing with young children and all of the additional twisting and lifting that goes with looking after children.

We also tend to go on more days out and more adventures! This often means loading the car with picnics, toys and heavy items, all of which have the potential to strain your back. Sometimes there may be a long drive to get to your destination and we know that sitting and particularly sitting in a car for long periods can aggravate back pain. Why? Because sitting puts additional strain on the structures of the low back such as the disc’s, joints, muscles and ligaments of the spine.

So how do I avoid half term back pain?

  • Take regular breaks from any activities to get up and move about
  • If you are sat down then think about your posture and try to suck your tummy and core in as this helps prevent slouching
  • Only sit on the floor with young children for short periods. Sitting cross-legged or with your legs out to one side will cause rotation of the hips and lead to tightness in the low back
  • Go outside for a walk. Walking is great for back pain as it keeps you mobile. Either take the kids with you on a short walk (depending on their age) or get out for a walk at a convenient time when your partner or another family member is able to take over responsibility for the children
  • Use lumbar support if sat in the car on a long journey. A rolled up hand towel placed horizontally in the curve of the low back should do the job

If despite the above you still have half term back pain then you can make an appointment to see chiropractor Alison Eaves at either the North Leeds Clinic (Otley Road) on 0113 3472801 or the East Leeds Clinic (Mortec Park) on 0113 3470024. Alternatively you can book online https://revivechiropractic.cliniko.com/bookings#location

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