Leeds Chiropractor Completes the 2013 BUPA Great North Run

It may have been wet and windy on Sunday but Leeds chiropractor here at Revive was up in Newcastle upon Tyne for the BUPA Great North Run.

After months of training and getting myself into shape I can honestly say all the training was worth it and I had a great day. Admittedly it could have been a little warmer, but the support was fantastic and there was a great atmosphere. Seeing the red arrows overhead as we crossed the start line was incredible. It also showed how far back we started, as TV coverage showed the red arrows flying over the Tyne Bridge, already packed with 100’s of runners, meanwhile we were over a mile behind still waiting to start!

We completed the race in 2 hours and 6 minutes which I’m quite happy with. It is quite hard to run fast with that many people on the road and you can only overtake people on pavements for so many miles before you just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. I soon realised that by weaving in and out of the crowds we were missing put on all the goodies being handed out by the generous crowd. The best free hand-out though has to be beer; although I can’t say it is easy to drinking beer whilst running!

I’m running the Nottingham half marathon in 2 weeks and will be looking to give it 100{8c34c0d03372d798e22443fa1cd79a4c0c458739bec8c1532104b8390ef42220} and take 10-15 minutes of my Great North Run time. We will soon find out if my confidence is misplaced.

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