New study reveals over a third of cancers are caused by lifestyle factors

It was all over the news last week that nearly half of cancers diagnosed in the UK are preventable in the sense that they are caused by avoidable life choices. So what should you avoid?

The big bad three

1) Smoking

2) Lack of fruit and vegetables

3) Being overweight

So you know that all three are bad but do you know some of the key risks and how they differ for men and women? Males you should stop smoking as it causes nearly a quarter of cancers in men and eat more fruit and vegetable. Ladies should avoid being overweight as this was found to be the second leading cause after smoking (after tobacco) across all types of cancer.

Why choose a healthy lifestyle?

I’m not here to preach and everybody lives their life surrounded by different circumstances; but as a chiropractor I have an interest in helping your body to function just as it was designed to. That means not just good musculoskeletal health (joints, muscles and connective tissue) but a healthy lifestyle as well which includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. This combination really does help with that ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. I know because I have been on the journey myself, from a couch potato student to running a sub 4:15 marathon within a year!

Choose the road to health

Make chiropractic treatment a regular part of your life and experience just how good it feels!

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