Online Booking Now Available

Revive Chiropractic now has online booking!! The alert among you may have noticed a recent change to your appointment confirmation and appointment reminders. This is because you are now able to view availability, book an appointment, and even reschedule your appointment online should the need arise.

New bookings can be made via the online bookings link on the homepage and to amend bookings you can do this via a link on the appointment confirmation/appointment reminder e-mail or SMS. Just click on the link and follow the on screen instructions (however please remember that any appointments cancelled within 24 hours’ notice may still incur a cancellation fee). If you just want to book an appointment e.g. you’ve not been in for a while then you can do this via the online booking link on the website.

It may be that the time you would like to book/re-schedule for is unavailable. Sometimes not all available appointments will be shown on the online booking schedule for  various reasons, or I may be able to squeeze you in at your preferred time. You can leave a message in the cancellation box requesting date/time for an appointment and I will get back to you or alternatively call/text me on 07828 686026 or call reception on 0113 347 2801. And of course if you would prefer to use the traditional method of simply picking up the phone and calling reception or calling e directly then you can continue to do so.

The aim is to make it quicker and easier for patients to book and reschedule appointments and to save you time rather than waiting for me to call you back. It also gives me more time to spend treating patients’ and getting patients’ feeling btter rather than checking my calls and e- mails! Please let me know what you think of the service and if any improvements can be made do let us know.

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