Sports Massage Now Available at Revive Chiropractic

Sports massage now available at Revive Chiropractic so get yourself booked in asap. Sports massage can really complement regular chiropractic treatment so read on f rmore about how sports massage could help your aches and pains.

Some of you may have noticed that the clinic was closed for a week in December and I was down in London. Contrary to popular belief I wasn’t doing my Christmas shopping but gaining a qualification in Sports Massage. I’m pleased to announce that in addition being a qualified chiropractor I am now a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I will be offering both Chiropractic and Sports Massage at the clinic here in Adel, North Leeds.

I will be offering Sports Massage at the clinic at the following prices:

30 minutes £30

60 minutes £50

45 minutes combined chiropractic and sports massage £45

I have decided to broaden my knowledge in the field of Sports Massage because people like and need it! I treat quite a high number of active sports people, including runners, and this group of patients undoubtedly benefit from the combination of chiropractic treatment and sports massage.

Should I choose chiropractic or sports massage?

It depends on your problem. If you don’t have a specific injury and feel that it is just muscle tightness or you want a regular sports massage then this is for you. I will carry out a basic assessment at the first visit and then treat the required area(s) with hands on massage. Some general advice on stretching and strengthening may be given.

If you have a new problem or have a niggle that just isn’t going away then I would recommend a full chiropractic examination that will be more in depth and offer a more thorough examination and array of tests to determine the exact nature of your problem. Treatment may involve some sports massage techniques but will also likely involve manipulation of the spine.

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