Products to help back pain. Buy from Revive Chiropractic

Products to help back pain – now available

We now stock a range of products to help back pain. You can collect these directly from the clinic when you are in for treatment.

Products to help back pain

Ice packs

These great multiuse ice packs can also be used as heat packs. You can either put them in the freezer and use as an ice pack or put them in the microwave to use as a heat pack. A much tidier and more versatile version of your frozen peas and cheaper than the single use stick on heat pads. Ice packs and heat pads are great products to help back pain.

Ice is great for acute inflammation (less than 72 hours) whereas heat is much better for the majority of joint and muscles pains and definitely for any ongoing long term pain and stiffness.

Massage balls

“Spike” as they have been christened by one of my patients! Spiky massage balls are available in different sizes and relieve tension in large and small muscles. They are a great way of keeping muscles relaxed and pain free between treatment sessions. Simply roll on the massage ball over any knots for 30-60 seconds at a time.

Exercise bands

These also come in assorted colours that represent a different resistance. Green bands are the lightest and easiest and red bands offer a slightly harder workout.

You can use resistance bands to strengthen individual muscles as part of a rehab program. Because they are so small they are great for the home or the office so no excuse not to be doing your exercises. A great exercise for shoulder pain using an exercise band is this one


If you love the menthol smell and feeling of deep heat you will love biofreeze. Biofreeze is a topical analgesic (painkiller) that uses the cooling effect of menthol, a natural pain reliever, to sooth muscle and joint pain. It also penetrates the skin and leaves a cooling effect similar to applying ice.


Sissel produce a leading range of orthopaedic neck pillows. The pillows are specially contoured to support the curves of the neck and prevent neck tension as we sleep. The specially designed shape is designed to fit the anatomy of the spine. Sissel even offer a 5-year guarantee on shape retention.

Home Massager

Like spiky massage balls, this handheld massager is a great way of relieving tension in tight muscles. The vibrating massager has variable pressure settings and interchangeable heads. The larger head is great for working over larger muscles and the smaller head can pinpoint specific smaller spots.

Available to buy from Revive Chiropractic

Ice packs, spiky massage balls, orthopaedic pillows and biofreeze are all great products to help back pain. You can purchase them directly form the clinic. Feel free to ask for advice on how each of these products could help you to manage your back pain better.

To book an appointment at Revive Chiropractic you can book online at or call 0113  3472801.

Half term back pain?

Are you suffering from half term back pain? This blog post will offer help and advice to help you enjoy your half term without any annoying, nagging back pain.

This week is half term and many of you will be spending extra time at home with your children. Or maybe you are grandparents who are willingly helping outwith your grandchildren. Either way I know that on Monday morning the phone will ring with patients telling me they have back pain that started over the holidays.

So why is back pain such a problem at holiday time?

Our bodies and our back’s in particular like routine. So when we do something out of the ordinary such as spending more time with young children then our back’s tend to grumble. We also do more of the things that we know aggravate back pain like bending and twisting. Grandparents especially may find that they are spending additional hours bending over playing with young children and all of the additional twisting and lifting that goes with looking after children.

We also tend to go on more days out and more adventures! This often means loading the car with picnics, toys and heavy items, all of which have the potential to strain your back. Sometimes there may be a long drive to get to your destination and we know that sitting and particularly sitting in a car for long periods can aggravate back pain. Why? Because sitting puts additional strain on the structures of the low back such as the disc’s, joints, muscles and ligaments of the spine.

So how do I avoid half term back pain?

  • Take regular breaks from any activities to get up and move about
  • If you are sat down then think about your posture and try to suck your tummy and core in as this helps prevent slouching
  • Only sit on the floor with young children for short periods. Sitting cross-legged or with your legs out to one side will cause rotation of the hips and lead to tightness in the low back
  • Go outside for a walk. Walking is great for back pain as it keeps you mobile. Either take the kids with you on a short walk (depending on their age) or get out for a walk at a convenient time when your partner or another family member is able to take over responsibility for the children
  • Use lumbar support if sat in the car on a long journey. A rolled up hand towel placed horizontally in the curve of the low back should do the job

If despite the above you still have half term back pain then you can make an appointment to see chiropractor Alison Eaves at either the North Leeds Clinic (Otley Road) on 0113 3472801 or the East Leeds Clinic (Mortec Park) on 0113 3470024. Alternatively you can book online

Tips For Avoiding Back Pain On Holiday

Helpful tips for avoiding back pain when you go on your holidays. Revive Chiropractic chiropractors in Leeds share some tips.

You’ve been looking forward to your holiday for ages. Months of long hours and working hard and then when it finally comes around you are faced with back pain. We get lots of calls to Revive Chiropractic just before holiday time saying “help!”. All the pre-holiday rushing about you’ve pulled your back or maybe you have had back pain for a few days or a few weeks and it just hasn’t quite gone away.

Here are some tips to ease the burden of back pain on your holidays:

Suitcases: Choose the lightest suitcase you can find and preferably one with wheels and where possibly pack two lighter suitcases rather than ne very heavy one. If you do end up with a very heavy suitcase then push it rather than pull it.

Lift cases correctly: bend your hips and your knees and not your back! Keep your feet wide apart and avoid twisting through the back or dragging and arm/shoulder behind you as this also twists the spine.

Sleep well: tiredness increases the chance of back injury so get a good night’s sleep before you jet off and have plenty of rest

Keep moving: travelling in the car or by aeroplane then consider your poor back and keep moving. Get up out of your seat a regular intervals if on the plane, you wouldn’t sit for hours at a time usually so don’t do it. If you are travelling by car then stop regularly and take a brief brisk walk as this will loosen and relief any tightness in the low back form prolonged sitting

Sunbathing: do not arch your back or neck for long periods and lying propped up on your elbows reading a book is a no no.
Remember all this advice on the way home as you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good holiday.. Have a great summer.

If you are worried about back pain ruining your holiday then call 0113 347 2801 to book an appointment at Revive Chiropractic to see a chiropractor in North Leeds.