The Great North Run is This Sunday: Leeds Chiropractor goes for glory!

Finally, after all the training plans, updates and training tales, this Sunday Leeds Chiropractor Alison Eaves to take on the Great North Run. This is the final blog before the big day and includes last minute changes to the race plan and preparations for race day.

I’m a competitive soul and it is with a tinge of annoyance that I have to tell you that instead of running the race as fast as I possibly can to achieve the quickest time I’m going to take it a bit steadier. I’m running with a friend and being the good soul I am, have promised to run it with her. I think we will end up a bit slower than I would have aimed for but nevertheless it will be a great day out and lots of fun.

What isn’t there to enjoy about running with 40,000 or 50,000 others for 13.1 miles? I’m really excited, just a shame that the weather looks it might be a bit on the damp side. I just hope there will be plenty of enthusiastic support and lots of Jelly Babies.

For those of you on tenterhooks following the mystery shower incident (see earlier blog), I’m pleased to say I’m back to full fitness and no further heel pain. I will update the blog on Monday to share photographs and evidence that I actually completed it.

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