Update on the Chester Marathon from our Chiropractor

Life has been busy here at Revive Chiropractic these past few months. There has been precious little time for writing the blog, hence the lack of any posts for a little while. One of the reasons it has been so busy is the sheer number of patients coming into the clinic, many of whom are referrals from our existing patients’ so thank you. I really appreciate each and every person you send my way and it is great to help your family members, work colleagues or even those who you just got chatting to down the pub (I really have had referrals this way!). Diagnosing people’s aches and pains and setting them on the road to recovery is why I do the job so thanks for choosing Revive Chiropractic.

Anyone how has been in to see me over the past few months will probably have heard me talking about my latest marathon efforts. Apologies to anyone who is thoroughly bored by all this but for anyone interested, I completed the Chester Marathon just over a week ago in 3 hours 51 minutes. I promised that if I achieved my goal of sub 4 hours then I would hang up the running shoes and opt for some shorter distances although now I’m not too and the 3 hours 45 minutes barrier looms. If anyone has any suggestions of any great races or challenges for the new year then I’m keen to hear them.

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