Got a Great North Run Place?

Ballot places for the Great North Run 2013 were announced last week : were you lucky enough to get a place? Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves here at Revive Chiropractic in Adel, a suburb of north Leeds, will also be running. Alison will be here to share tales of aching legs, mud, cold long Sunday runs and the general misery/euphoria that accompanies training for an event like the Great North Run. It can be really important to have regular chiropractic treatment throughout a training schedule, to keep everything loose and moving correctly and also to iron out any niggles that will inevitably creep in as the mileage increases. Alison will be offering advice on how to maintain injury free running and stay fit and healthy.

So the excitement of getting a place in the 2013 Great North Run is immediately followed by terror as the realisation sets in that you actually have to run 13.1 miles? The good news is that September is a long way away and so there is plenty of time to start a half-marathon training program. So don’t panic.

The key to a successful and injury free preparation is to start early and start gently. Start off too hard to soon and you will likely pick up an injury and you will be needing chiropractic treatment sooner than you thought. If you require chiropractic treatment you may have to stop your running for a short period and this isn’t a great start to your Great North Run preparation.

There are loads of great free training plans for half-marathon preparation out there on the web. Find one that suits you and your lifestyle/timetable. If a program says you must train 6 times a week and you already have other commitments/play other sports then it is unlikely that you will be able to stick to the program. More important is to set achievable goals.

Whilst I am no running coach, I have run several half-marathons before and completed the London Marathon in a time of 4 hours 10 minutes back in 2010. However I’m not one of one of those running nuts who have to run every day. I’m a bit more hit and miss with training and so I think I’m well-placed to empathise with anyone struggling to get a program together. With a bit of determination and hard work you can really achieve a time to make you proud.

You can follow my training/progress by regularly checking the blog at Revive Chiropractic Leeds for tips and advice on training and avoiding injuries. And probably a fair few posts whinging about how hard I’m finding the training!

Headline: Sunshine may ‘reduce arthritis risk’

I always find it amusing when you read health news headlines in the press says Leeds Chiropractor Alison Eaves. Take a look at BBC Health News today and you will see a headline Sunshine may ‘reduce arthritis risk’. It grabbed my attention because as a chiropractor I like to keep abreast of new research that may influence how we manage back pain. However upon further reading it is perhaps of less interest and is unlikely to revolutionise chiropractic treatment of back pain any time soon.

The story relates to a study by researchers at Harvard University that looked at rates of rheumatoid arthritis in two very large populations (both greater than 100,000) over a period of 20-30 years. They found that in one group the risk of getting the disease was 21% less likely in people living in a part of the USA where sunshine levels were the highest. It is proposed that exposure to vitamin D (produced by sunlight) may protect the body. Low levels of vitamin D are believed to play a role in other autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a specific type of arthritis caused by an autoimmune condition whereby the immune system attacks the joints (and often body organs in some cases). However the type of arthritis seen largely as a result of wear and tear and mechanical stresses and strain is much more common. It is this second common type of arthritis prevalent in the general population that many patients to my chiropractic clinic may be complaining about.

So read the health headlines and then go on to read the full article. In fairness this article does go on to have comments from both Arthritis Research UK and the British Society of Rheumatology both urging a cautious approach to the findings of this single study but how many people go on to read the entire article. We are all guilty of trying to grab a headline : even me with this article!

Snow Days: Watch Out For Your Back

Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves at Revive Chiropractic in Adel, North Leeds has some advice for surviving the snowy weather without suffering from back pain.

So we all love snow? OK not everybody loves the white stuff but for lots of people it is a welcome sight. Well not for back pain it’s not. Last week’s chiropractor blog looked at surviving the icy conditions but the weather has stepped up a notch and now it is snow we have to worry about. Clearing snow is a high risk activity don’t you know??! So rather than setting off an episode of low back pain and have you reaching for the phone to book an appointment with a chiropractor, read on to find out how to minimise the risk of injury to your low back.

Beware of the Snow Shovel

The snow shovel is to low back pain what The Joker is to Gotham City, the enemy! When shovelling snow there is a tendency to stand stooped forward for a prolonged period of time and this puts pressure on the low back. Then you load up the shovel with heavy snow putting extra weight and extra strain on the low back. Add in a bit of rotation and a twisting movement and you get the triple whammy of flexion, rotation and a heavy load and you are asking for trouble. Think it couldn’t get any worse for back pain? Wrong! You repeat this movement 10, 20, 30 times or more, each load weakening the low back joints, ligaments and soft tissues more and more each time. A sprain/strain of the lumbar facet joints can easily occur or worse still a lumbar disc injury.

How to beat the snow shovel

1) Take regular breaks

Stand upright for about 30 seconds and have a small walk around

2) Don’t shovel as much snow

Load less snow onto the snow shovel

3) Maintain slight co-contraction of your core musculature whilst shovelling

This will help maintain muscle tone and support the spine.

What to do if you suffer back pain afterwards

Put an ice pack (or some of your snow!) onto the injured/painful area of the back, making sure you cover the ice with a tea towel or similar as direct contact of ice on the skin will result in an ice burn. Keep the ice on for 15-20 minutes and repeat on the hour throughout the day. Try and keep mobile as doing nothing will cause the entire back to seize up and become even more painful.

If you are still suffering after 3-4 days then I would recommend you call Revive Chiropractic in Leeds on 07828 686026 and book a chiropractic consultation.

Put On the Sensible Footwear : It is Icy out There

Why is it important to be properly dressed for the snowy and icy conditions? Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves from Revive Chiropractic in Leeds explains the dangers of a slip on the ice.

A slip on the ice or worse still a fall and you will not only be in pain but it may result in a visit to a chiropractor! If you are already receiving chiropractic treatment then a fall may prolong the number of treatment sessions with your chiropractor. That’s bad news for you the patient.

As I look out of the clinic window here in Adel I see the snow is slowly disappearing from the pavements. However more snow is forecast for Leeds at the weekend so I thought it a good time to remind people of being prepared for slippery conditions.

Wear Sensible Footwear

Put on some sensible footwear with a good solid grip that will help keep you upright in the snow. You can always carry another pair of shoes with you and put them on once you safely reach wherever it is you are going.

The Dangers of a Slip on the Ice

Falling and landing on your bottom causes large compression forces through the low back and a sudden hard impact on an icy pavement can cause inflammation in the lumbar disc, vertebrae or connective tissues. A slip or slide when you experience uncontrolled twisting or rotation of the spine can cause a sprain/strain injury of the facet joints and joint capsule and in extreme cases damage to the intervertebral disc. And even just tentatively walking on icy pavements will cause muscles to tense and can exacerbate any niggles leading to increased back pain.

We Can All Enjoy the Snow

So after spreading doom and gloom about the dangers of ice and snow for back pain I thought I would end on a happy note. Revive Chiropractic’s very own “Chiro-Dog”, my one year old Lakeland/Border Terrier Sweep couldn’t be happier at the sight of the white stuff! She enjoyed the snow so much she just couldn’t stop racing round the garden and attempting to eat it all!

If you would likek to bok an appointment at Revive Chiropractic in Leeds then calll chiropractor Alison Eaves on 07828 686026.

OK so snow dog video won’t upload 🙁 sorry folks, was very amusing but you will just have to take my word for it until my web hosting improves its blog feature!

Still Keeping up with the New Year’s Resolutions?

Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves knows that it can be difficult to keep up the enthusiasm for your New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it is changes to your back pain that I wrote about in the last blog entry or more general changes lifestyle changes such as a more balanced diet and better exercise routine, you have to take responsibility for your body and realise that you have the power to change things. It just takes a change of mind set to bring about long lasting change in habits. Whilst it’s not easy to change lifestyle factors and maintain a healthy balanced diet and keep up with a regular exercise routine, we know that both of these will help the body be stronger, fitter and ultimately healthier. That means less back pain!

As a chiropractor it is my job to treat back pain by assessing the structures of the spine to check for signs of damage or reduced movement that may be leading to back pain. However, back pain is multifactorial and the causes for back pain are not just limited to the physical aspects of bones, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues. Other issues such as diet, exercise and attitudes to back pain are often overlooked and can play an important role. In my experience as a chiropractor, for some patients it is just as important to address aspects of diet and exercise as it is to carry out physical adjustments or manipulation to the spine.

Whatever your symptoms and history of back pain, an assessment at Revive Chiropractic in Leeds will aim to identify the cause of your back pain and provide you with a plan of management to address the problem. This may include spinal manipulation (gentle specific adjustments to the joints of the spine), massage to relax the muscles of the back and exercises and advice to help strengthen your spine and prevent the problem returning. So why not call and book an appointment today!

Throughout January 2013 New Patient Consultations are only £20.13 instead of the usual fee of £45. This saving of £25 is only valid for appointments booked up to January 31st 2013. Call 07828 686028 and book your appointment today.

**New Year Offer: £20.13 in 2013**

It’s back! The New Year offer from Revive Chiropractic in Leeds is here to help you kick any New Year back pain into touch. For January only, a new patient consultation to see chiropractor Alison Eaves is only £20.13 compared to the usual price of £45. So that’s less than half price compared to the usual chiropractic consultation fee. Bargain!

Inflation may be rife but our New Year offer to see a chiropractor has only increased by 1p for 2012. So tell your friends, colleagues and even random strangers! Everyone is welcome but hurry as the offer is only available to new patients and only for appointments booked before January 31st.

So what are you waiting for, don’t delay. Book today!! Okay, enough of the rhyming. In all seriousness so many people accept pain as part of their daily life and it doesn’t need to be that way. Chiropractic treatment can so often be the answer. So if you want to experience less pain, and greater freedom of movement then take advantage of this great offer to see a chiropractor for only £20 and call 07828 686026 today.

New Year Resolutions for Your Back in 2013

Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves at Revive Chiropractic is jumping on the New Year Resolution bandwagon with suggestions on how to have a healthy back in the 2013. Whilst some back pain is unavoidable, there is often lots that can be done to prevent it, or at least reduce the how bad the pain is and how often it hurts. Guess what…visiting a chiropractor is not just about treatment, it includes advice and help on improving your lifestyle to better manage back pain.

So how do I make my back pain better?

1) Think of your spinal health as a priority.

Your spine is important and you must take care to look after it. Spinal degeneration is a natural part of ageing and begins in our early 20’s and so don’t just think of back problems as affecting older people. We all need to look after our spine and treatment from a chiropractor can help.

2)Think of your spinal heath from an early age and this means your children as well

By the time we reach our late teens a lot of poor postural habits have become learned behaviour, that is they become ”normal” and it becomes more and more difficult to change. Encouraging good posture, good spinal strength and good spinal flexibility can start at any age but the earlier it starts the better because it encourages good habits that can last a lifetime.

3) Be careful of your posture whilst at work or studying

In today’s modern world it is almost impossible to avoid being sedentary or sat at a computer for at least some part of the day. If you have to be seated then make sure you have a chair with good lumbar support (a rolled up hand towel is good for improvising. You should place it horizontally in the natural hollow at the base of the spine. See photo).

4) Take regular breaks from a seated position

Even if it is just for 30 seconds or so, make sure you get up out of the chair and actually move. This stimulates blood flow and flow of fluid into and out the intervertebral discs. More importantly it keeps the muscles active and helps to prevent long term shortening of certain muscles in your back that can start to cause pain if they remain tight.

5) Don’t spend your spare time glued to an ipad, laptop or mobile phone

Tempting as it may be to spend the evening using electronic devices, unfortunately it just adds to the problem of back pain. Put it down and get out for a walk or some other regular form of exercise.

6) Think about your spinal health every day

It is only by thinking about postural habits every day that you will slowly start to make the necessary changes to help reduce your back pain.

So don’t let your back pain become another one of those forgotten resolutions, seize the opportunity to make the changes. Call Revive Chiropractic in Leeds today on 07828 686026 and make an appointment. Chiropractor Alison Eaves will work with you to help you r back pain by reducing pain, increasing flexibility and then make the specific lifestyle changes for you that will help you to stay pain free.

2012 : What a year for chiropractors all over the UK

A lot has happened in the chiropractic world in 2012. The College of Chiropractors was awarded a Royal Charter and chiropractors were involved in London 2012 treating athletes of all nationalities in the polyclinic. The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt receives chiropractic treatment (see below). To have chiropractors accepted as part of the Olympic medical team is symbolic of the growing acceptance and growing understanding of the role chiropractors can play in our healthcare system, not just in elite sport. Chiropractors were working alongside sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

These events are important for the chiropractic profession as a whole to help it grow and develop. Gradually over a period of time this increased awareness of chiropractors and what we do filters through to the general public and practices grow and develop. Ultimately this means great care for back pain, neck pain and more for the community and especially for the people of Leeds and West Yorkshire.

As we approach the end of the year I would urge you all to pause, relax and reflect on your life in 2012. Often it is only when we stop and think about what has been successful and what has not gone so well that we can make the necessary changes to make life even better. The coming year 2013 will be one to remember! On a personal note I would like to see Revive Chiropractic continue to grow in 2013 as it has done throughout 2012.

Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves is at Revive Chiropractic in Adel to treat all patients, whether elite athletes or couch potato.

Clinic Opening Times for Christmas and New Year

Even chiropractors need a holiday and Revive Chiropractic will be closed from Tuesday 25th December to Thursday 27th December.

Monday 24th December 12-3pm

Tuesday 25th December CLOSED

Wednesday 26th December CLOSED

Thursday 27th December CLOSED

Friday 28th December 12-5pm

Monday 31st December 12-5pm

Tuesday 1st January 2013 CLOSED

Wednesday 2nd January 8-1pm

Thursday 3rd January 8am-7pm NORMAL OPENING

Any back pain emergencies then I shall be trying to book people in for Friday 28th December in the afternoon. Please call me on 07828 686026 to arrange an appointment over the festive period.

Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year

Chiropractor’s Christmas Survival Guide

So what does a chiropractor do at Christmas? Take a holiday? Relax? I wish! Treating family members complaining of back pain is more likely! I normally leave Leeds and go and visit my family in the Midlands and often my visit is accompanied by “are you bringing your chiropractic bench with you?” As a chiropractor you get used to being asked/told all about back pain and back problems but treating my sister in law at 10pm last Christmas Eve last year was a bit much! It just goes to show that back pain can strike at any time and that is why you need to follow simple advice for looking after your back and the Christmas period is no exception.

The festive season is almost upon us and whilst it is a great time of year for most, if you are suffering with back pain it can put a real dampener on the party season. Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves of Revive Chiropractic in Leeds has some advice you would do well to follow.

Why Christmas time is bad for back pain?

Firstly, you spend lots of time being inactive. Sitting in the same position for too long is bad for back pain. Joints, muscles and ligaments all become stiff and immobile, increasing the likelihood of a sprain/strain injury to your back or small tears and damage to the structures in the back. You also tend to slouch on the sofa in poor postures, again putting additional strain on the back.

Secondly, there is a tendency to overindulge and too much and eat too much of the wrong types of food. What we eat plays an important role in how our body is able to repair and heal and how it reacts to pain. A healthy well-balanced diet where you are getting the correct nutrition and sufficient vitamins and minerals is vital to keep a healthy body and healthy immune system.

Thirdly, people often do lots of traveling to visit friends and family and so spend lots of time in the car. This problem is made worse if you are the main driver. If you have a lumbar support then make sure you use it. If not then improvise with a rolled up towel inserted in the base of the lumbar spine to give additional support.

Enjoy the festivities!

Even as a chiropractor knowing the postural horrors that will occur over the Christmas period, it is important to remember that Christmas is a time for joy and laughter and spending time with loved ones. Modern lives are very busy and rushed so remember to take time out this year and just smile, laugh and enjoy life.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from Revive Chiropractic.