Plantar Fasciitis :Part 2 Exercises

Hopefully you are reading this after checking out last week’s blog post describing exactly what plantar fasciitis is and now you just need to read on discover the exercises that can help (If you missed it then click here So you have had the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis and don’t want to just sit about and wait until it goes away? Here are a couple of really effective exercises for plantar fasciitis that may help from Leeds Chiropractor Alison Eaves.

Stretch the calf muscles

Stand on the stairs facing up so that just your toes are on the edge of the step. Let your heels drop down towards the ground and hold the stretch for 20-60 seconds. This is especially worthwhile doing first thing in the morning when the calf muscles have often become tight overnight.

Rolling on a golf ball

Gently roll a golf ball along the underside of the foot for about a minute. Concentrate on releasing the plantar fascia and try and work on all areas along the sole and heel, even the painful spots! Repeat a couple of times a day. If you don’t have a golf ball you could use a rolling pin or a drinks can but be sure to roll it in all directions over the sole of the foot.

Roll on a frozen water bottle

This takes the idea of the golf ball one step further. Take an empty 500ml drink bottle. Fill with water and freeze it. Then use the frozen bottle as a roller along the underside of the foot. Not only will this release the plantar fascia but also have an anti-inflammatory effect as well because it is cold. You can pop the bottle back in the freezer and repeat later in the day.

Hopefully you will find these plantar fasciitis exercises helpful but if you think you may benefit from further treatment or advice then I work as a chiropractor in North Leeds in the suburb of Adel. To book an appointment at Revive Chiropractic please call 07828 686026.

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