Aches and pains: a part of getting older?

Whether it is the day after a hard gym session, a hard day’s work in the garden or a weekend of looking after the grandchildren, all of these activities they can leave your body feeling tired and achy. We often put this down to a hectic lifestyle or age catching up with us. Don’t just accept the inevitable – Revive Chiropractic in Leeds can help. Chiropractic treatment works to free tension within the joints and muscles, leading to less pain and more freedom of movement. As I chiropractor I will take a careful case history and perform a physical examination to determine the main cause of your problems and then select the most appropriate form of treatment. Chiropractic treatment uses a variety of techniques and can be much gentler than you think! It may involve manipulation of the joints (where you hear a click or ‘pop’), more gentle mobilisation or using an instrument called an activator to deliver a small mechanical impulse to the joint. I will also work on surrounding muscles and soft tissues that may have become too tight from being under too much mechanical stress and give exercises designed to strengthen weakened muscles and restore normal joint function.

Alison Eaves is the chiropractor at Revive Chiropractic in Leeds and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and Scottish Chiropractic Association. Treatment is covered by most major medical insurers.

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