Back & Neck Pain Chiropractor

Back & Neck Pain

Simple, mechanical back and neck pain is very common and responds extremely well to chiropractic treatment. Common causes of back and neck pain are disc bulges, disc degeneration, joint irritation and sore muscles and ligaments.

Chiropractors also treat problems associated with back and neck pain that can affect the arms or the legs. Pain, numbness, or pins and needles in the arms or legs may be caused by a trapped (or irritated) nerve as it exits the spine. Pain, numbness, or pins and needles in the arms or legs may be cause by compression or irritation of the spinal nerves as they exit the spine. If this occurs in the low back then you can get sciatica where you get symptoms past the knee into the calf and sometimes the foot. If you have irritation of the nerves in the neck then you may experience shooting pain down the arm and into the hand and people often come in saying they feel like it is a “trapped nerve”

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What Clients Say about us

Had a consultation with Alex today for my stiff neck and painful shoulder blade issues. He was so helpful and went above and beyond to help me out. He showed me stretches and strength exercises to do and helped me with my sleep posture. Will certainly be back again.

Lola Peg

I had a very positive experience at Revive and would highly recommend them. Alison was professional, knowledgeable and was great at communicating the course of treatment, explaining her advice and bringing me along with the process. Will certainly be back again.

Katy M

I have seen quite a lot of chiropractors over the years, and I must say...Alison is the best at what she does! She is very knowledgeable and very experienced and this can easily be seen in the way she works, so effortlessly. I would high recommend her! Thank you very much.

aisha al-salam

Sarah treats my many chronic aches and pains with great success. In fact I don’t know what I would do with out her. She is a fantastic chiropractor and she definitely keeps me moving. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much. I will recommend her!

Chris Smith

I have been a patient of Alison's for some time now during which she has always been professional and thorough. I place my complete trust in her abilities to help me maintain good health, her kind friendly manner puts you instantly at ease. I do recommend her to people

Janice Taylor

Visited the practice after an injury to my lower back did not heal and I had been in constant pain. Alison made a big difference...formulated a course of treatment that improved it considerably. Ali explained things very well and worked hard to get things moving and healing.

Pam Leeds