Chiropractor for Sciatica



Sciatica is very common. In fact, it affects around 10-40 % of the population.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It begins in your lower back and splits down either side of your hips, buttocks, legs and feet.

It is no surprise that sciatica can be painful and debilitating, with a range of symptoms and causes.

The good news is that sciatica is often easier to diagnose than other types of back pain.


It is a common misconception that sciatica is a condition in itself. However, sciatica is the name for symptoms caused by other conditions.

The symptoms of sciatica are caused when something presses or rubs against your sciatic nerve. 

Spinal Stenosis
Spinal stenosis is more common in those aged 50 and over and is often a result of arthritis. Stenosis happens when the spinal canal narrows and pinches the nerves or cord of the spine as it tightens. It is most common in the spine and the neck.
A Slipped Disc
The most common cause is a slipped disc. This is when one of the soft tissues that sit in-between each vertebra of your spine ruptures or herniates. When this disc is pushed out of place, it can press against a nerve.
Spondylolisthesis is similar to a slipped disc. It is when a vertebra (spinal bone) rather than soft tissue slips out of place in your spine. The displaced bone can then press against a nerve and cause the pain and numbness associated with sciatica.
An Injury To Your Back
An injury to the back can affect the soft tissue discs and vertebra that protect and make up your spine. In very rare cases, sciatica can be caused by a tumour pressing on the lower spine.
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Sciatica can affect your back, hips, buttocks, legs and feet.

Symptoms include:

– Pain in the legs, buttocks or back

– Numbness

– Burning or tingling

– Weakness

People often describe their symptoms as feeling like ‘a trapped nerve’.

The pain can be shooting, radiating or constant. It can vary from mild or moderate to severe and may be intermittent or constant 

People often wonder ‘can a chiropractor help with sciatica?’. The answer is yes!

Sciatica can be simple to treat.

Often it can be managed at home, without the need to visit your GP. However, a chiropractor can help to manage chronic pain and restore mobility, especially if your symptoms affect your everyday life.

Sciatica can be both a short term or chronic (long term) condition. In the majority of cases, it is self-limiting, meaning it can go away on its own.

However, no one should have to suffer.

If your sciatica is painful, ongoing, or just plain annoying and impacts your everyday life, a chiropractor offers effective treatment to reduce pain and improve mobility.

The best part? You don’t need a referral to see your sciatica chiropractor.

A chiropractor is trained to refer you to a doctor or other specialist if necessary. There are several ways they can refer you for further treatment. This can include:

– Referral to an occupational therapist

– Your doctor for pain relief prescriptions

– If you need an MRI scan or X-ray

– Access to psychological support for pain management 

Chiropractic treatment responds well to chiropractic treatment.

Treatment from a sciatica chiropractor can provide effective pain relief and long-term treatment and advise on preventative measures for the future.

A chiropractor is an excellent alternative to surgery and reduces the need for drugs.

A chiropractor will:

– Examine the patient and review their medical history

– Diagnose the cause of sciatica and develop a treatment plan to relieve pressure of the sciatic nerve

Types of treatment include:

– Ice/cold therapy

– Ultrasound

– TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

– Adjustments to the spine (spinal manipulation)

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If you’ve been wondering what does a chiropractor do for sciatica, we hope we’ve been able to help you.

Here at Revive Chiropractic, we understand that there is often confusion over the best kind of treatment for sciatica. However, visiting a chiropractor is an extremely effective way to diagnose and treat sciatica.

You don’t need a referral from a GP but rest assured, your chiropractor will refer you to other health professionals where necessary. 

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