General Neck Stretches

This is another great exercise to help with neck pain from Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves at Revive Chiropractic.


Neck Range of Motion

Take your neck through its full range of motion. Even if you experience mild to moderate pain it is often beneficial to keep joints moving.

• Drop your chin down to your chest as far as you can and then do the opposite and look up to the ceiling.

• Keeping your shoulders relaxed and facing forwards look as far as you can over the left shoulder and then the right.

• Now try to touch your ear to each shoulder. Don’t worry if you can’t move it too far but don’t cheat and bring the shoulder up to the ear.


Repeat 2-3 times daily


Neck Stretches

• To stretch the upper trapezius muscles and the neck muscles turn the head 45 degrees to the side

• Gently bring the chin towards the armpit by putting gentle pressure on the head with the arm on the side you are turning your head towards!


Don’t pull the head hard. Instead you may find that reaching towards the floor with the opposite hand increase the stretch


You can see a video that accompanies this post here:

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