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Online Booking Now Available

The alert amongst you may have noticed a recent change to your appointment confirmation and appointment reminders.

You now have the option to cancel and ...

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Chiropractic Offer: Consultation Only £27.50 in December

Here at Revive Chiropractic we don\'t want back pain or neck pain to ruin your Christmas so we are offering half price initial consultations in ...

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Update on the Chester Marathon from our Chiropractor

Life has been busy here at Revive Chiropractic these past few months. There has been precious little time for writing the blog, hence the lack ...

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good posture matters

Good Posture Matters

We know we should maintain good posture to help prevent back and neck pain. But do you know why posture is so important? Our Leeds ...

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Is housework causing you back pain?

Back pain is extremely common and it is the main reason people seek treatment from a chiropractor. So when I see surveys about people\'s attitude ...

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barefoot running

Barefoot Running: What’s It All About?

Many runners seek help from a chiropractor for running injuries. Some seem to get endless injuries whilst others do not. Is barefoot running the answer? ...

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A Tough Run at the Milton Keynes Marathon

I\'ve been building up to the Milton Keynes Marathon since the end of January and finally race day arrived. Having spent the past three months ...

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Milton Keynes Marathon 4 days to go!! Chiropractor Alison runs the Milton Keynes Marathon

Our Chiropractor Alison is running the Milton Keynes Marathon on Monday 6th May.

Marathon day is almost here! After all my chat it\'s time for ...

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Spinal Arthritis

Back Pain ‘Leading Cause of Disability’ Confirms New Study

Back pain may now be the leading cause of worldwide disability according to a new international study stating that \'back pain is behind more disability ...

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Spring newsletter. News from Revive Chiropractic…

Please see the link for our latest newsletter

We like to stay in touch with patients new or old. We should be getting archives of the ...

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General Neck Stretches

This is another great exercise to help with neck pain from Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves at Revive Chiropractic.

Neck range of motion

Take your ...

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Milton Keynes Marathon For Our Chiropractor

Just under four years ago some of you may recall that I ran the London Marathon. Enough time has passed since then for the scars ...

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