Care for your back over the winter months

Mornings and evenings are starting to get darker and it is easy for us to become more sedentary as autumn sets in. This is bad-news for our backs and for our health. So how can you care for your back over the winter months?

How to care for your back?

We know that exercise is good for nearly all types of back pain and so stop with the excuses and get out there. It could be the gym, a brisk walk, some gardening or a 10-mile run should you fancy it! The point is we all need to move more and stay more active. Little and often is a good way to start.

It is too easy to get in from work, turn the heating up and have a cuppa. Why not try these tips to help get you out and staying active.

  1. Don’t set the heating for when you get in from work. That way it is easier to get in and get changed and out exercising before you get too cosy.
  2. You can also try exercising before you even step through the front door to avoid the sofa temptation entirely. Exercising on your way home from work is a great solution. Or go even further and get up early and exercise before work. That way you’ve done your exercise and still get sofa time.
  3. And if you really can’t find the time during busy workdays don’t forget your weekends. You can include the family on a walk or a bike ride.

Why is being sedentary so bad?

Sitting puts additional pressure on the joints, discs, muscles and ligaments of our spine causing increased tension and irritation to our spines. How often have you got up from sitting for a long time and thought, “ouch my back?!” We need to move regularly and stay active to maintain strength and flexibility in our spine. There is also overwhelming evidence that a sedentary lifestyle does us harm in terms of our general health (see this previous blog post /blog/sitting-for-too-long-could-actually-kill-you/). Sitting for long periods of tie has also been linked with hypertension, obesity and excess body fat around the waist (

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