Do we just crack backs?

So a chiropractor just cracks backs?

No. As a chiropractor here in Leeds, mostly I’m talking to my patients about back pain and neck pain and providing effective treatment for their problems. But chiropractic treatment is not just about spinal manipulation. A chiropractor will find the correct technique for the individual and the symptoms you are experiencing. Manipulation is a great tool but it’s not the only skill chiropractors use on a daily basis.

What do you do if not cracking backs then?

In some cases a more gentle form of treatment called joint mobilisation is used. You so sometimes still get a click or pop associated with this treatment but the force applied is gentler and slower than in manipulation. There is also an instrument called an activator which can be used directly on at restricted joints and gives a quick, small mechanical stimulus to the joint to help get it moving again. Aside from hands on treatment of the joints, I also choose to work on the muscles of the back and pelvis. Some chiropractors will only manipulate the joints but I believe that as muscles are required to move joints then you have to work on muscular tightness as well as the joint itself.

Physiotherapists give exercises : do you?

Yes! But I combine hands on treatment with a spinal strengthening program. Strong spinal muscles are essential to maintain a fit and healthy back and to prevent the likelihood of back problems recurring. Some patients benefit from just a few very simple exercises whereas for some conditions a more thorough program of rehabilitation exercises may be prescribed for you.

What about older patients

Again no two patients are the same. Some patients are good candidates for manipulation even in their 80’s but I wouldn’t manipulate a female spine with a known history of osteoporosis (loss of bone density). In these cases there are many lighter force chiropractic techniques that work effectively to mobilise the joints and relax surrounding muscles and soft tissues and restore movement to the spine in a gentle but very effective way.

If this sounds like the right sort of chiropractic treatment for you then call Alison at Revive Chiropractic on 07828 686026. The clinic is based in Adel, north Leeds just a few minutes from the ring road.

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