Exercises for Back Pain 1 : Pelvic Tilts

Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves is on hand to offer help with back pain. This is the first exercises in a series designed for you to help manage low back pain in a simple and effective way alongside usual chiropractic care.

This is the exercise I normally start with for patients with low back pain or poor core stability. The exercise works to strengthen the abdominal musculature and serves as a good introduction to the basics.

You can either watch the video “Exercises for Core Stability 1 : Pelvic Tilts” by clicking on the link or read the instructions that follow. Some people like to read how to do something, others understand better with visual examples and either is fine.

1) Stand with feet hip width apart and bend the knees slightly.

2) Ladies contract your abdominal muscles by drawing up through the pelvic floor, gents you draw up from your testicles! About a 10% muscle contraction is all you need so you should still be able to easily move, talk and most importantly breathe. Draw your belly button inwards towards the middle of your back.

3)So now you are in position and ready to go! Simply rock the pelvis forwards and backwards. The trunk should remain still and only the pelvis rotates. Keep the knees slightly bent and don’t let the legs move.

Do not worry if you find this very strange and quite difficult to begin with. Practice and you will get used to it.

Useful Tips: Imagine you have a set of headlights on the front of your pelvis and they are alternating from shining at the floor to straight ahead of you.

To see the video that accompanies this post either click on "1) Pelvic Tilts" on the right or copy and past the following link:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rInZX7PEVk&feature=channelis and they are alternating from shining at the floor to straight ahead of you.

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