Great North Run Update

I am a chiropractor in Leeds and am taking part in the Great North Run in September 2013. This is a half marathon event, 13.1 miles in and around the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Anyone who has been following the Revive Chiropractic blog will realise that any mention of training has gone quiet for a little while! Well the time has come; it is just over 12 weeks until race day and so training must begin!

I have found a 12 week training program that should get me around the course in just under 2 hours… hopefully. I’m following a program that has me running 3 times a week to include a speed session, a tempo run and a long run with the odd bit of cycling and swimming and general fitness work on the ‘rest’ days. It is going to be tough I think, especially as working as a chiropractor is a fairly physical job but I’m actually really looking forward it. It is great to getting a bit fitter again and increasing the running from the once a week and the odd 5Km Park Run to running with purpose. So when you come in for your chiropractic treatment be sure to ask me how the training is going (as many of you have been doing and I have had to admit my laziness). And if any of you are running the event and haven’t let on to me then do let me know! It’s always good to do a training run with different people.

Over the next 12 weeks I will share my training ups and down but also try and offer some practical advice about how to correctly warm up, stretch and cool down to help prevent injury. I see lots of runners coming to see me for chiropractic treatment and far too many of them do not stretch adequately or work the core sufficiently.

For anyone who is interested this is the link to the training program I am following

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