Legends of Sherwood Forest 10K Complete!

On Saturday 2nd March Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves from Revive Chiropractic took part in the Legends of Sherwood Forest 10K race. The run forms part of the Notorious Night Runs series : off road adventures that take place at sunset and end in the dark of the night with only your head torch to guide the way.

The 10K run formed part of my training schedule for the Great North Run 2013. The run itself was great fun and a brilliant way to spend a Saturday evening but I have to admit to feeling a bit battered and bruised after the event, I think some of the obstacles punished my body a bit!

The run took place on a variety of forest tracks, winding paths through the woods and some sections running over mountain bike tracks so there were plenty of obstacles waiting to catch you out! I had at least one tree branch in the eye and saw a couple of fellow competitors face plant after tripping on tree roots. The terrain seemed to get more undulating and the tree branches lower as it got darker and the body got tired. By the end it was so cold and so dark that my breath started fogging up the head torch beam.

Swamps and underground tunnels

The running part in itself was not too severe and was quite enjoyable but the obstacles and the freezing cold water that were sporadically placed around the course were hell. Lying face down in stinking freezing cold mud and water and crawling along on your stomach was tough. And so cold. And then there were logs to be jumped over, hay bales to climb and steep ramps to overcome which all added up to making this event a little different to your average 10K race. The winners completed the course in just under an hour and I think I came in about 30 minutes later. A normal, flat, road based 10K will feel easy in comparison now I’m sure.

I drove home from Nottinghamshire wrapped in a blanket and headed straight for a hot bath when I got in. The stinking, wet, muddy running gear has gone through the wash three times and is now looking close to its original colour. Sadly I don’t have any photos because I was so cold when we finished that I just wanted to get into some warm, dry clothes. But what fun!! Now I just need to select the next event to keep me inspired on my journey towards the Great North Run 2013.

And what about back pain?

After all the ducking and bending to avoid tree branches and crawling about on hands and knees my back has been feeling a little stiff and I’ve had to call in a favour from a local Leeds chiropractor. Bit of chiropractic treatment has done the trick and I’m fighting fit and ready to punish the body again this weekend.

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