New Research Supports Manipulation

I’m a chiropractor in Leeds and part of being a good chiropractor is keeping up with the latest research into back pain. Great news for chiropractors as a new study published this week finds that spinal manipulation is more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID’s) and placebo for acute non-specific low back pain. The study adds to the growing body of research that supports chiropractic manipulation as a treatment for back pain.

If you want to read details of the study for yourself please see attached link and click on the third study down Note: only access to the abstract (summary) is available to the public for free.

What is acute non-specific low back pain?

Acute simply means back pain that started less than 6 weeks ago. We know that the longer patients have back pain the longer it will take to improve symptoms and the less favourable the outcome. So if you can intervene with treatment in the early stages of back pain then it is more likely that symptoms will completely resolve.

Specific back pain is where there is a known cause for example degenerative processes (disc alterations, spinal stenosis, spondyloarthrosis) or less common structural lesions such as osteoporotic compression. However in the majority of cases there is no known cause and is simply termed non-specific.

What about other types of back pain? Can chiropractic treatment help?

Yes chiropractic treatment can help long term back pain. It may take a little longer and you will probably need more treatments than someone who has had back pain for only a few weeks but significant improvement can be achieved. You may find that 100% improvement in symptoms is not realistic but I would always discuss the prognosis and likely improvement before starting any treatment program.

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