Notorious Night Runs : mud, mud and more mud!

So this Saturday evening Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves will be taking part in an event at Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire called Notorious Night Runs.

I’m taking part alongside another fellow chiropractor and some friends. The race is described as 10K ish! Sounds ominous and I’m a little apprehensive about what to expect. A 10K race in the dark with obstacles, steep hills and drops and lots of water sounds like fun though don’t you think? As I understand it the idea of the event f to have lots of fun. It is not really one for serious runners but nevertheless it is a good thing to be doing in preparation for the Great North Run in September.

Hopefully I will avoid spraining my ankle on any obstacles and will turn up for work at Revive Chiropractic on Monday morning fit and well. We shall see?! Look out for photos to be uploaded next week. Thankfully with another chiropractor taking art alongside me, if I do suffer any injuries I will at least have immediate treatment options!

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