State of the Art MRI Scanner Available in York

I was recently invited to view the 3 Tesla MRI scanner facility at York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC) based at York Science park. As a chiropractor I sometimes need to refer patients for an MRI scan to obtain images of the spine and it is great to have such a high quality service nearby. We had a tour of the scanner and the facilities and were introduced to the radiographer who takes the scans and has direct contact with patients who arrive for a private MRI scan. I was really impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and the lengths they go to make patients feel welcome and comfortable.

Only a minority of patients need an MRI scan

In a minority of cases, after performing a thorough case history and examination, if I think it is in the patients’ best interest I may suggest getting an MRI scan. Patients then have two routes to follow. Either a written letter to your GP asking for an MRI scan to be considered or a private referral to a private MRI scanner such as the facility on York (we also refer private patients to an MRI scanner at Dewsbury Hospital). Via your GP you will probably have to wait a minimum of a month before the scan but this may be slightly less if deemed urgent. If you go privately the scan can be arranged and a report written within a few days.

What are the costs and how can I get a private MRI scan?

If following discussions with e as your chiropractor you decide you want to have a private MRI scan then the cost at York is £260 plus VAT for reach body part scanned. I simply write a referral letter and as long as the radiographer agrees there are good clinical reasons for the scan they will then contact you directly to arrange a convenient date and time for the scan. They then send me the report within 48 hours of your scan allowing us to formulate a clear plan of management and decide the best way to treat your condition.

For further details about the facilities at York Neuroimaging Centre please contact Alison Eaves at Revive Chiropractic using the details below.

To book an appointment with Leeds chiropractor Alison Eaves at Revive Chiropractic please call on 07828 686026 or e-mail

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