Take care of your loved ones AND their backs!

It is February 14th and Valentine’s Day and whilst I do have a romantic streak I’m afraid this blog post is not indulging that side of my personality. I’m a chiropractor and so more than a little obsessed about back pain!! So maybe spare a thought for your loved one today if they are in pain. Back pain is not pleasant, it leaves people feeling tired, anxious, grumpy and just generally fed up. These emotions are only made worse if the pain is affecting daily activities and your partner is unable to do the things they usually love and enjoy. So be patient and be understanding and they will thank you for it.

Often it is the husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend of the individual who is suffering from back pain that makes the call to my office. They get tired of hearing their loved one complain about back pain and say “go and see a chiropractor”. I have had one such phone call already today. Sometimes people just need a bit of a push to actually book an appointment to see a chiropractor. I don’t know why people don’t seek treatment more quickly but so often they put up with pain and discomfort. This is unnecessary as in so many cases chiropractic treatment can help : whatever the cause or reason for the back pain. The sooner you go and see a chiropractor to discuss your back pain the sooner work can begin on resolution of the symptoms. Acute back pain (short-term i.e. less than 6 weeks) responds brilliantly to chiropractic care and the shorter the duration of symptoms before you seek treatment the better the overall prognosis and the more likely you are to achieve complete resolution of symptoms.

A chiropractic consultation at Revive Chiropractic in Leeds will aim to identify the cause of your back pain and I will then put together a specific chiropractic treatment program to help reduce pain and get you feeling human again. Call us today on 07828 686026 to book an initial consultation with chiropractor Alison Eaves.

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