Treating Thoracic Spine Pain

As a chiropractor, the majority of my patients in Leeds present to me complaining of low back pain and neck pain but mid back pain (thoracic spine pain to give it the correct terminology) is becoming increasingly common. This is especially true of younger patients in the 20-35 age groups. I am seeing an increasing number of people complaining of a constant, low level ache, in-between the shoulder blades and the base of the neck. If this is left untreated it can often progress in severity and begin to affect normal neck and shoulder movements.

This weekend I left the confines of Leeds and drove down to Birmingham to for a conference focusing on the Thoracic Spine. This is the part of the spine ‘in the middle’. Even amongst chiropractors, it is an area of back pain that sometimes gets forgotten about and it certainly receives less attention than either low back pain or neck pain.

The conference covered something call McKenzie Method which, in the past has been more popular amongst physiotherapists than chiropractors. I have learned some new techniques and can’t wait to test them on patients against some of the more traditional chiropractic techniques such as spinal manipulation. It was also a great opportunity to mix with physiotherapists from both NHS and private practice and share ideas and skills. Needless to saye both groups of therapists were very interested to find out the similarities and differences in the way that a chiropractor and a physiotherapist practice and treat back pain.

Check out the next blog entry for a definition of McKenzie Technique and how it can benefit back and neck pain.

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