Chiropractors Open

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Chiropractors Open From Monday 15th June ??

Great News! Our chiropractors are now open for ALL treatments as of Monday 15th June.

We have a list of all the cancellations from the past 3 months and over the coming weeks we will be calling everyone and offering to reschedule your appointment. In the meantime, feel free to book an appointment yourself in the usual way, by calling 0113 3472801 or use our online booking

We will now be seeing acute and maintenance patients. However this is subject to individual risk assessment.

What does risk assessment mean?

If you are young, fit and healthy then there is a very low risk to you regarding covid 19. If you fit either of the descriptions below, it does not necessarily stop you from receiving treatment. But we will want to have a talk with you first about the risks. Your chiropractor, either Alison or Sarah, will call you beforehand to have a chat if you are:

  • Yourself or anyone you are living with are currently shielding then we may not recommend face to face treatment at this stage
  • Aged over 70 then depending on your general health we may not recommend face to face treatment at this stage

We are still offering our video consultations to those who may feel uncomfortable with face to face treatment. We also understand that whilst some patients will be excited that we are open again, others will be more cautious. That is okay, we understand and we are here for you as and when you decide it is an appropriate time to restart your care.

Read more about our Covid 19 Policy here.

If you have any questions about whether you should be coming in for treatment then please call us on 0113 3472801 and we will happily discuss your options. We put our patients first and we want to do everything we can to help you make the best decision.